Blog Crawl!!!!!!

Here it is the big day!  Stephanie from Bella Blvd, Jill from Jillibean Soup, and Nikki from Nikkis Sivils have all come together for one huge Blog Crawl! What is a Blog Crawl you might be asking... Well, today you'll go to Nikki's blog and you'll see a gift that Jillibean Soup is giving away, along with a handmade gift from Nikki and a list of her design team girls that will be giving handmade gifts away using our products, you'll leave a comment at each blog & then move on through the list. Then you'll head over to Bella Blvd and see the gift that Nikki Sivils will be giving away over there, along with a list of Bella Blvd's design team ladies and you'll do the same thing. Next you'll head over to Jillibean Soup and see the gift that Bella Blvd is giving away, along with all of Jillibean Soups DT gals, leave a comment then go to the next. There are over 50 handmade gifts and product giveaways!! Don't panic because you'll have this entire weekend of March 5th to visit all the blogs and leave a comment for a gift... it's an entire weekend of blogging and giveaways! We'll announce all the winners Monday morning!! Doesn't that sound like fun!!

These 3 ladies have become good friends and thought this would be an awesome way to bring 3 great manufacturers together for one fun event! We are all so excited!!
Nikki Sivils
Bella Blvd
Jillibean Soup

Here is two new layouts I made with the fantastic lines from Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker...
First one with "Dan the Record Man"
My son Adam

And one with "Ellie´s Day Out!
My daughter Emma

Postat av: kelly

Love that lo with all the circles!!! Really cool!

2010-03-05 @ 23:03:57

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